Megh Lama

Written by Artist Sansar


Date of birth: 17 th febrauary
Place of birth: sindhuli
Zodiac sign: leo
Hobbies and interest : travelling
Singing pattern: folk songs


Only with the motivation of friends when megh lama entered the kathmandu in 2054 BS it was a challenge for him to survive. He worked in a law firm and proved himself that he is there for struggle. He at that time used to be involved in street drama as an actor asd many of there fans may not know that his entry is with dramas. He then joined anurag sangeet at putalisadak n then he released his first album megh at 2059.

Albums of megh lama

1> Megh in 2059

2> Love station in 2063

3> Maina in 2067

Shows and events:

Megh lama has done many stage shows since in the country and outside since he enjoys the stage shows . in nepal he have performed in 45 districts whereas he has performed in dubai and india. He has already done 300 to 400 stage shows.

: By Ajanta Dhungana

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