Dhurmus Suntali got honoured by ‘Earthquake victims and helping committee’

Nepalese people never stop back biting…




‘Earthquake victims and helping committee’ has recently shown gratitude towards Sitaram Kattel and Kunjana Ghimire; Dhurmus and Suntali for their great effort to build ekikrit namuna basti. After the earthquake, this comedy couple sold their house and initiated the project ekikrit namuna basti by opening Dhurmus Suntali foundation.

In the programme organized in the second year of devastating earthquake, Sitaram showed the determination to complete the re-construction of Nepal within 1 to 1.5 year. He said “Nepalese people never stop back biting, be it of their own husband / wife, or even animals”. He also said that he will announce a new project soon and asked for help and support. Even after two years of the devastating earthquake, the reconstructing works have not taken pace, which he thinks is our Government’s ignorance and carelessness. He added, “Every bad thing comes with a message, but we need to learn from them. In Nepal, no one learnt lesson and took it as a chance to make things good and beautiful than before which is the main reason of late renovations.” Kattel believes that nation’s flag is greater than any party’s flag, so there should be no politics in the name of victims and their support.
Kunjana expressed her happiness and satisfaction towards their work and success and said we can convert fear into power by purifying the mind and living for others.