Sayad-2 rocked Japan

The premier show of Sayaad-2 is…


The premier show of Sayaad-2 is recently held in Japan.  More than 500 people came for the show and the makers believe it to be successful program. Producer Sunil Rawal, actor Sushil Shrestha, media persons Shyam Aryal and Sachit Khadka were present  for the premier.

Ambassador Krishna Chandra Aryal and NRN president Sudhan Thapa praised the work of the team. Bringing out the story of youngsters, this movie won hearts of all viewers. This movie will be released all over Nepal on Ashad 30. This movie is directed by Pusparaj Neupane; casting Sushil Shrestha, Sharon Adhikari, Amrit Dhungana in lead roles.