Nita’s latest song Laaj Lagyo unveils


KATHMANDU: A new adhunik song has hit the musical market. It is Nita Thapa Magar’s ‘Laaj Lagyo’ and its music video was released on May 30. Written by Laxman Basnet and composed by Sabin Limbu, the song is a romantic modern song. It has been arranged by Rajan Ishan.

The music video of ‘Laaj Lagyo’ features Magar and Nirajan Pradhan. And it has captured beautiful nature where love blooms between the two characters of the music video. It has been shot by Gyanendra Sharma. Dev Jung Thapa is the choreographer of the music video while Nirmala Acharya is behind the make-up of the artistes.

The music video of ‘Laaj Lagyo’ has been edited by Tekendra Shah. And it has been directed by Manoj Bista. It is a presentation of Manoj Bista Creation.

nita thapa magar and nirajan pradhan