Mr. Nepal Oceania 2016: Pramej Shrestha

He is very ambitious man with a soft heart, which lures him to do many social works. Here we present a short and productive talk with him…[+]

The pageant Mr. and Miss Nepal Oceania was conducted by United Nepalese Arts and Entertainment (UNAE) in association with The Hidden Treasure. Pramej Shrestha won the main title along with the two prestigious subtitles, Mr. Cyber and Mr. UNAE. Shrestha went to Australia when he was six years old with his parents and now he has completed his undergraduate studies. He is very ambitious man with a soft heart, which lures him to do many social works. Here we present a short and productive talk with him:

# Why did you participate in this pageant?
-I was always interested in motivating people and doing social services. I wanted people to listen to what I say, and I thought I should also achieve something so that I can inspire youths and motivate them. So, in order to learn new things, have a different experience, and achieve something, I decided to participate in this pageant.

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# What did you learn from this competition?
-The first thing I learnt is perseverance. Hard work definitely lead to success and winning is not always important. Though I was hoping to get the title, I was ready to loose, because there was no actual loss. I learnt so many things, got new experiences and met new people which were winning for me. Secondly, I learnt how to follow the dream and don’t care about back biters. These things will help me in my lifetime.

# How did you feel when you were announced as winner?
-I was so very happy and thankful for all my supporters. At that very moment, I thought if we can prove ourselves, we will win. At the end of the day, we are responsible for what happens in our life.

# What do you want to do as a title holder?
-As I said earlier too, the main purpose of my participation was to become someone by whom people would get inspired and motivated. So, I have been running motivational programs, career building seminars and youth leadership trainings in Australia and Nepal in Nawalparasi and Chitwan. I have been hosting different sorts of programs for the welfare of Nepalese students in Australia too.

# What are the differences you see in fashion industry of Australia and Nepal?
-Though the meaning of fashion is same for every place, the way of practicing it is different in all places. The confidence people carry, the type of dress they prefer and their personality is very different in Australia and Nepal. I cannot judge them and say this one is good than the other, but there is a vast difference.

# Do the Nepalese Australians have love for Nepali culture and tradition?
-The people who are born in Nepal and go to Australia after some time obviously love Nepalese cultures. They always want to conduct Nepalese programs and celebrate Nepalese festivals. But this love and attraction is slowly fading in second generation people. They are all into Australian cultures and way of life. So, these sorts of pageants and programs should be conducted time and again to make them aware that they are Nepali and they need to know Nepalese traditions.

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# What are you doing for Nepal and Nepalese cultures?
– I was given $1500 as cash prize from the organizers, from which, I donated $1000 to NRN for building schools destroyed by earthquake and $500 for Asmi Shrestha’s project ‘Classroom and Beyond’. Recently, I completed a photo shoot in cultural and social theme, which will of course popularize Nepalese costumes.

# Lastly, please say something inspiring to youths of today.
-Before you start up with anything, have a vision and hold it till you achieve it. If you put up your mind to anything, it will happen. Your mind has more potential than you think; it just needs to be used. Chase your dream and achieve what you want to.

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