Gear up for the Audition of Mrs. Teej icon

Written by Artist Sansar

Tunnel Events Pvt Ltd, Presents Mrs Teej Icon, 2074.

Tunnel Events Pvt Ltd, Presents Mrs Teej Icon, 2074. On the occasion of Teej Festival a group of women friends join hands to create something extra than all the other Pageants seen so far. The concept is to empower married women and encourage them to prove their potential and move beyond their household responsibilities. Every woman has a unique hidden talent that need to be explore and enhance. Other than being a daughter, sister, mother, wife or daughter- in-law, a woman is also an individual.In this platform the women can enhance and show their over all and hidden qualities, develop their personality and boost their confidence and prove their leadership qualities.
Organizers: Nischal Joshi, Kiran Singh Thakuri, Kala Gurung, Momota Basnet, Sandra Kharnaior, Dolma Rinzin,Sharmila Subba and Kalpana Shrestha.
Registration Open forms available at Malla Hotel Lainchor, Amsterdam Cafe Mid Baneshwor, Artist Nepal Putali Sadak.
Kiran Singh Thakuri 9851012933
Sandra Kharnaior 9808216625
Momota Basnet 984383324
Dolma Rinzin 9813231480

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