Durga Lal Shrestha

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Durga Lal Shrestha (दुर्गालाल श्रेष्ठ) born in July 1937 in Kathmandu, Nepal, is a well-known poet in Nepali and Newari. Winner of the Shrestha Sirapa (the sole award in Newari literature), Durga Lal is also a skilled playwright. Durga Lal’s poems carry the imprint of a master. He has also written songs for Newari feature films. A collection of his poetry was recently translated into the Japanese language. He was named “The Peoples’ Poet” by the Nepal Bhasa Council.
Some of his popular works in Newari language are Gvinnila, Inkalabaya palahsah, Ji svayambhu tvathah: nyecyapu kavitaya chajhvah, Phyakham pica.
The Library of Congress has twelve works by him.

His famous published work are

Pija (1967)
Ji Swayambhu Twath (1986)
Yaka Phalecha (1987)
Inquilabya Palasa (1991)
Twists and Turns
A Pick of Durga Lal Shrestha’s poems (2000)
Chiniyamha Kisicha (1965)
Taibhaba (1966)
Chiniya Champa (1967)
Kulikasa (1967)
Salachhyonya Bela (1969)
Machabakhancha (1995)
Santaya Kusa (2001)
Macha Bakhancha
Jungle Kabita
He has written songs for the famous Nepal Bhasa movie Rajamati.
His song “Jhee Masini” (“We Are Not Dead Yet”) is considered as one of the most powerful songs of the Nepal Bhasa movement.
One of his popular recently recorded songs is “Phool ko Aankhaa Maa, Phoolai Sansara” with music by Nyu Bajracharya and sung by the vocalist Ani Chhoyang Lama. This is included in the album Moments of Bliss, on which all of the songs are written by Mr. Shrestha.
He has also penned a few songs for the movie Balidan which dramatized the popular uprising against the Panchayati System and the fight to bring multiparty democracy to Nepal.

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