10 to 5 rising to a new level!

Written by Artist Sansar

Actor and director Nirmal Sharma is now…

Smriti Sapkota/ Kathmandu

Actor and director Nirmal Sharma is now in AP1 with 10 to 5.  It is a city life based comedy program that shows the daily life of officers of Nepal and their problems in office. This program is full HD and a very new concept is used, in which a new guest celebrity is brought in each episode. The story, location, dress and makeup are very appreciable and this show is becoming remarkable one.  Kamal kanta Mainali and Nirmal Sharma have jointly directed it. Rajani kc, kamalikant mainali, Keshav Bhattarai, Sunita Shrestha, Rabi Sharma etc  have shown their performance which is highly appreciated till now. Talking about the show, Nirmal said “we are getting very good public response. People are showing their love and appreciation to us so, we are feeling more energized.”  All the 5 episodes of 10 to 5 have become excellent.

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