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DOB– 3rd feb 1993
PLACE– Kurseong, india
CURRENT PLACE– Bishalnagar, kathmandu
CHILDHOOD- Born into a family of musicians and music enthusiasts, Nikhita had been exposed to music at a very early age. Being a very talented instrumentalist her father ( Bhuwanesh Thapa) first discovered her natural knack/ ability for music and singing. Right from childhood she was very enthusiastic about anything music- from nursery rhymes to school prayers. It soon became evident that her connection with music wasn’t merely a hobby but something more and something deep, a soul connection and singing became for her the most natural way to express her feelings, emotions and creativity . While singing she could bare her heart and soul unafraid. Her first stage performance was at the tender age of 3 ½ yrs at her school’s annual function. Equally brilliant at studies too and a class topper. She was always a favourite of her friends and teachers.

Self confessedly she considers her father her musical inspiration and her first guru. Brought up in a musical environment and a very loving, caring and protective family. She considers her mother(Nilima Thapa) her idol and somebody she always looked up to for strength, resilience and courage. As a child raised up in a defence background, with her father’s job requiring change of residence every 2 years, she has lived in metro cities and the most remote places in india coming closely in contact with vibrant cultures and traditional music of various regions . As is characteristic of any defence kid she has learnt how to adapt to any situation and accept the long periods of separation from her father.
Having started performing from a very young age in army gatherings , functions and competitions she always tried to outdo her own self and the encouragement and support she received from her family and well wishers towards her music further fueled her desire to have a future in music.

Her parents saw the necessity to give her proper guidance which only a guru could impart to a shishya. And nothing could give her a better base in music and a headstart towards her dream than formal training in hindustani classical vocal. And thus she started learning from her guru Pt. Johri at a very young age in Meerut, UP. Due to her father’s compulsary posting she had to leave meerut but continued practicing diligently as per her guru’s advice.

She resumed her formal training in hindustani classical vocal after their family shifted base to mumbai,
where she pursued both music and academics side by side. She recalls her time in mumbai as the most memorable time of her life. She pursued her vocal training from Bhatkhande Sangeet Shikshapeeth, Mumbai , where she got the opportunity to learn from extraordinary teachers who have dedicated their entire life to music – Mrs Bhavna Dixit and Pt. Dhruba Ghosh. Here she not only gained knowledge about music ,but also about life, philosophy and spirituality. Very closely attached to her guru, Mrs Bhavna Dixit has been her mentor, friend and guide. The deeply ingrained respect that she has for all her seniors and all forms of music can also be attributed to the sanskaars that she imbibed from her gurus and parents. After seven years of formal training she completed her VISHARAD and graduated in commerce from HR College of Commerce and Economics, with distinction in both.


Besides having taken part and won in a countless number of Competitions on National, state and regional levels, she has also taken represented her college in various Inter- Collegiate Festivals (malhar- st.xaviers college, Mumbai , Mood Indigo – IIT Mumbai, Waves – Bits pilani goa, Kaliedoscope- sophia college Mumbai, etc) . In college, her personality really flourished from being a shy student to a confident performer who could not only give solo performances but was also a great team player and quite capable of leading the team for group performances as well.
During her vocal training period she has also recorded for an album with Pt. Sharad Sathe (Timeless shlokas from Morning to Night) and various artists, music director- Tushar Bhatia.
On one of her visits to her relatives Nepal, Kathmandu she got introduced to Music composer Rajan Ishan where she rendered her voice for the female vocal of Jati chan ( movie 3 lovers ) lyrics – Kishor Thapa. That experience gave her an opportunity to come in close connection with the nepali music as she made up her mind to start her musical career from the nepali music industry.
After the completion of her Visharad, she came in 2014 to Kathmandu determined to create for herself a career in the musical field. With the full support of her parents and family members she came in touch with senior and highly respected lyricist Dinesh Adhikari , who appreciated her voice and singing ability and decided to give his lyrics for a solo album with her. He in turn introduced her to popular composer Hari Lamsal.
Also while recording for the album she got another chance to record for a song “Ma ta timro naphapeko manche “ in a collection album with the topmost singers in the nepali music industry. Composed by Hari Lamsal and Lyrics by Govind Upadhyay , the song also got nominated for Image awards 2014 Best New Artist of the year category.
After a full one and a half years of immense amount of hardwork from the entire team, consisting of the topmost people in the industry the album “NIKHITA” finally came into being. And was launched by the most senior and respected artists from the industry on the 5th of Sept 2014.
1. Aatma Dham , Zindagi Ko Majheri Lai (Teleserial)( Kiran Kandel) – soon to be released
2. Sundar Chaa duniya ( Duet with Swaroop Raj Acharya ji ) -“ LOVE YOU BABA” MOVIE- Released
3. Solo Album (Yogendra Mani Dahal, Various composers)- Soon to be released, Euta Tyesto Bhid Cha (music video) – Recent Release
4. Yesto Maya ( Movie) – “SUSHREE” – Releasing soon. Trailers out.

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