‘I Am Sorry’ Aryan Sigdel




By: Faraj Arpan

Hi Aryanji! You are getting busy these days.

“I am sorry”, this is my upcoming movie which will be released on 27th Magh. Actually we have targeted it as Valentine Special movie. So I am pretty busy for its promotion.

I have seen most of your films, normally all of them were worth worthy in my view but I realized that your traditional movies were successful. Film of the new taste like “Kohi Mero”, “K Yo Maya Ho”, “Mero Lovestory” successively didn’t do well. What is the reason behind it?

I think those movies were targeted for the youths, they have become conscious about script, dialogues, and specially picture quality. To maintain all of these facts, cost goes for the high extremities. Youngsters love it but still it’s hard to recover the production cost due to the categorized groups of viewers. This is why Nepali cinema market is quite confusing.

Still Nepali movies are being copied from Bollywood. Some of your movies like “Mausam” copied from “Maine Pyaar Kiya”, another “Mero Euta Sathi Cha” from Korean? What do you say about this?

I can even give some examples of Bollywood movies which are copied from Hollywood. Even estate movies are copied and still they are doing well. We never express doubtful quotation about them rather we praise them. What I would like to say is Nepali movie makers should have capacity of presentation. They should be able to present in the Nepali style. Problems regarding love, sex, money are similar in the world, so definitely stories may match but the real talents are expressed when they are presented. “Loot” is good example of it, somehow the story matches with “Kante” or “Ankhein” but it has Nepali style. Nepali movies are changing and I am sure that “I am Sorry” will be an example of it.

How will you define “I am Sorry”?

“I am Sorry”, directed by talented debutant Mr. Dinesh Raut, is turning point of Aryan Sigdel. I was looking for new version of Aryan in the movies, and I believe this is the right movie. I won’t disclose my character but believe me viewers will discover “Aryan” in different version.

What do you say about the chemistry between you and Keki? Do you think she is the right co-star in this movie?

Defining the chemistry is the task of viewers after watching the movie. She is better among the newcomers, her innocent style of acting looks attractive. That’s why she is hitting the market. She is hard working actress and definitely she is the right co- star.

Do you think new concept works in the scenario of Nepal?

Of course! “Mero Euta Sathi Cha” and recently released “Loot” are the genuine example of it. I am hopeful that new taste works. Similarly Nepalese viewers will love “I am Sorry”.

Hope so and all the very best for “I am Sorry”.

Thanks…..and I would like to request my fans to enjoy this valentine with “I am Sorry”, also support the good Nepali movies.