Nepali artistes come together for Buddha and Nepal

A grand event titled ‘Buddha, Ma and Nepal Manoranjan Sangh 2073’ was held at Nepal Academy on Sawan 14

KATHMANDU: A grand event titled ‘Buddha, Ma and Nepal Manoranjan Sangh 2073’ was held at Nepal Academy on Sawan 14 (July 29). It was an event of music, dance and humour and full-on entertainment to collect money to build a 100-feet tall statue of Lord Gautam Buddha, and Shikshala at earthquake affected Sindhupalchowk. It was orgaised by Buddha, Me and Nepal.

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Gautam man Singh ,president of Buddha me and nepal

The event kicked off with entertaining performance by folk singer Komal Oli. She performed her popular songs including Teej song ‘Poi Paun’ to which the audience danced with enthusiasm. Comical acts by comedians like Kiran KC and Shivhahari Poudyal along with comedienne Sabita Gurung made the audience laugh out loud. They presented satire on the current situations of the country and politics. More laughter was generated among the people by the actors and comedians Deepak Raj Giri and Deepashree Niraula by their unique comical performance.

Komal Oli

Singer Komal Oli

At event, Surendra KC and Shiva Shankar Rijal shared interesting information about Buddha and his birthplace as well about the objectives of the organizer Buddha, Me and Nepal. It was enlightening.
More entertainment was catered to the audience through dance, music and other various performances at the event. Shankar B C and Parvati Rai presented their dance performances which were very well appreciated by the people. Actor Shushil Chhetri, and actress and producer Jeni kunwar also entertained the people present at the venue thoroughly through dance. Singer Dijaraj Poudel mesmerized everyone his famous number ‘Timi Aaune Baatoma’ while singer Rajesh Payal Rai painted more music at the venue. The event was successfully hosted by comedians Manoj Acharya andWilson Bikram Rai. who made people laugh from time to time.

Actor Sushil Chhetri Dancing , nepali Hero

Actor Sushil Chhetri

‘Buddha, Ma and Nepal Manoranjan Sangh 2073’ is a first step of Buddha, Me and Nepal that has been established with a big plan of building 100-feet tall statue of Buddha, and shikshala in each district of the country. The money collected from this event will be used in the construction of a statue in Sindhupalchowk, as per Shivahari Poudyal, Vice President of the organisation. Another Vice President of the organization, Kiran KC further added that “there will be more such events”.

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