Rendezvous with Hemanta Rana


Rendezvous with Hemanta Rana

Laiza re fame is with him. This time we tried to make you all more familiar with an emerging sufi singer, Hemanta Rana. Here’s a part of interview session we did with him. He released his 1st album Paap Punya in 2062 and semi classical and Sufi is his genre. He is now with his new album Laiza re which has already topped so many charts. A very down to earth persona, that’s how we would love to define him. Let’s join his chat….
Q. How you define yourself?

Hemanta: I love to be alone. Basically, I celebrate music. I’m an introvert. I hate hypocrisy, groupism and backbiting.

Q. Tell me about your childhood.

Hemanta: I was born on December 9th in Dang. I completed my schooling in Nepalgunj.

Q. Have you learned music or is it innate?

Hemanta: I think music is innate. Learning is necessary but it makes improvisation only.

Learning induces consciousness.

Q. Who is your idol?

Hemanta: I appreciate Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahab and Jawed Bashir.

Q. Your favourite Bollywood singer?

Hemanta: Umm…Sunidhi Chauhan.

Q. If given a chance to date Sunidhi, what would you do?

Hemanta: I would love to learn more music with her. A very serene place like Pokhara will add complement to our date.

Q. Nepali favourites?

Hemanta: Nima Rumba and Ciney Gururng.

Q. Hemanta’s first love?

Hemanta: Music of course.

Q. So are you still single?

Hemanta: I had infatuation in +2 but was not serious. Yes, I carry a single status.

Q. What kind of girl do you prefer?

Hemanta: Honesty…it’s the basic quality I seek for. She should be loving. It’s not necessary for her to have a musical background.

Q. What if any of your fans proposes you?

Hemanta: Huh! No…I’ll refuse. Lots of people confuses attraction with love but it’s not so.

Q. Do you love to shop?

Hemanta: I’m a shopaholic. Recently, when I was on my concert abroad, I spent all my money in shopping.

Q. If you were not single and had to shop for your girlfriend, what would you shop?

Hemanta: Bags and footlockers.

Q. What’s your style statement? Do you believe in following trends?

Hemanta: I basically wear casuals. Trends do not matter. I believe in individuality.

Q. Ok just tell me about the kind of food you love to eat.

Hemanta: “Peero Thakali khana”.

Q. What about your holiday’s destinations?

Hemanta: I’d love to visit Manang and Mustang. I also liked Dubai. Burz Al Arab was great.

Q. How you define Sufi?

Hemanta: It’s how you worship god. In Muslim culture Sufi connects human with Allah. Purely devotional and spiritual genre of music. They call it khuda ki ibadat.

Q. If given a chance to govern our country, what reforms would you make and in which sector?

Hemanta: I will prioritize education. A country without education has no hope for development. Even learning music is a form of education.

Q. If not singer, Hemant Rana would be?

Hemanta: I was national player of Wushu. I was sporty kind of person and definitely if not singer I would have been a sportsperson.

Q. The places where you hangout?

Hemanta: Durbarmarga. I have my lounge over there, Tipsy.

Q. People compare you with Kailash Kher. How do you feel?

Hemanta: Comparisons do not bother me. Well it’s my privilege to be compared with such a singer. I appreciate him a lot.

Q. Hemanta’s first break?

Hemanta: I was invited to the party at Pakistani Embassy. The occasion was Pakistan’s Independence Day. I was made to sing by a friend of mine. I sung and fortunately Shafaqat Amanat Ali was there.The one who had sung Mitwa and Ye houshla. He was pleased, impressed in fact. He requested me to sing with him in his concert. I did. And, now I’m here as a singer Hemanta Rana. That day I realized my potential.