Falling in love with Deuraliko Chautari

KATHMANDU: With beats of madaal and melody of sarangi, a new folk number ‘Deuraliko Chautari’ makes you dance. It is a fun song and it is a presentation of Tulasi Parajuli and Reshma Pun. And the song is a creation of Parajuli.
The music video of ‘Deuraliko Chautari’ was released on June 21. The music video has been directed by the actress Niru Khadka.
It is a love song with a folksy and fun twist and the director has presented different aspects of the song beautifully. Khadka has played one of the characters in the music video while other artistes who have appeared in the video are Rajendra, Khusal and Ashmita. Set in a village, ‘Deuraliko Chautari’ puts forth love, fun and a simple life
Deuraliko Chautari - Tulasi Parajuli & Reshma Pun 1